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Extreme Klezmer Makeover: Purchase

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Extreme Klezmer Makeover - CD

       Extreme Klezmer Makeover borrows its exuberant, rapturous, whining, laughing, moaning, driving rhythms and melodies from the klezmer musical tradition melded from19th Century Eastern Europe Jewish wedding dance music, 20th Century American big band jazz and Yiddish Theater. Adding its own unique stamp to klezmer’s rich tradition, Extreme Klezmer Makeover cooks up its own brew of contemporary klezmer mixing in Cajun, Reggae, Middle Eastern and American Folk flavors.


Extreme Klezmer Makeover: Under Contsruction
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Our brand new CD with all new songs. Full of classic klezmer and Extreme Klezmer Makeover originals.

Extreme Klezmer Makeover: Raising The Roof" target="_blank">You can buy Raising The Roof through CDBaby and please write a review for us if you like the CD.